Tips to help make friends with your neighbor’s in a small town

Tips to help make friends with your neighbor’s in a small town


Needless to say, it is important, even fundamental, to get along well with your neighbors if you want to avoid midnight demons every Saturday night or the clipper at dawn on Sunday. Good relations with neighbors, which will lead to a climate of trust and friendship worthy of Desperate Housewives, are easily obtained with a few tips. It’s up to you to take the first step.

1-Celebrate Neighbors Day

Since 1999, Neighbors’ Day has been enjoying growing success every year. This is also the case for neighborhood meals. This kind of event may be organized on your street. And if this is not the case and you have a large yard, why not invite your neighbors? Everyone will bring something to nibble on and you can all have a good time.

2-Share a glass of friendship

When newcomers settle in the neighborhood, you can offer them to sit down and have a drink to get to know each other better. It’s a relaxed way to get to know them that will make them feel welcome.

3-Offer a homemade pastry

The favorite technique for most Canadians to get to know their neighbors is to arrive at the door with a basket of homemade pastries. Is making an impression on someone by tempting them with culinary delights not an excellent start? And besides, if you do not know how to bake, a basket of vegetables from the garden or a specialty wine will do the job.

4-Organize a ‘clean street’ initiative

To finally meet your neighbors, you can organize a very popular event in the Anglo-Saxon countries: the “clean street” operation. Ecology is a unifying theme, especially when it touches the environment and your small town. Your neighbors will surely be open to the idea of spending a morning together to rid the street of its polluting and unattractive waste.

5-Offer small services to your neighbors

Have you noticed that your neighbor is coming home late and cannot take out their trash some nights of the week? Take it out for them that day. Did he complain about his broken mower? Lend him yours.

6-United by a common cause

One day, you may learn that a family in your building or neighborhood is in trouble. This is a perfect opportunity to get closer to your neighbors. Start a donation box, or maybe just a card with everyones thoughts and condolences. This will definitely grow your relationship.

7-Fence Friends

You never meet your neighbor, which can be a fault of this accursed modern lifestyle being generally crazy. Yet you already have one thing in common: your fence. While everyone enjoys their yard, this is the perfect time to start a conversation over the fence. Don’t know where to start? Ask them if it bothers them that you cut the common hedges.

8-Some pets in common

One of the best times to initiate conversation is dog walking dog owners would tell you. Often solitary, these relaxed moments allow for starting a discussion with the neighbor who also walks his animal. The best part? You already have one thing in common: your dog. Keep an eye on the schedule of the neighbor you wish to approach, but not in a creepy way.

9-My building on Facebook

If you have a digital soul, you can create an online page for your building or neighborhood on social media. Each neighbor will be able to come and chat there to get to know each other better or to simply share ideas or events from the neighborhood.

10-Leave a note on their door

When all else fails (or when the past few of tips have not gotten you beyond the small talk) it is possible to leave your neighbors a note. This works particularly well if you’re throwing a party anytime soon: Leave them a note letting them know you are having people over and want them to pass by. They may come, or else they may just knock on your door to say hello if they will not be able to attend. A post-it note can be really powerful.

11- Or just…

Ring the doorbell! Present yourself with a smile. Whoever said that the simplest things work best is a very wise man!

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