Pictures Of Our Beautiful Town!

Sometimes you don’t want to live in the big city. Residents of St Paul get that! I lived in Toronto for the better part of my life and moved to Edmonton 5 years ago. I decided after a couple years in Edmonton that the big city life just wasn’t for me. I looked all over Alberta for a small town where I could lay my roots and I ended up in St Paul. I couldn’t be happier! The town has a different vibe to it. The streets are clean, the people are extremely friendly and you can’t really go wrong with any of the lodging or restaurants.

  • For anyone who is religious, they have numerous facilities to fit your needs.
  • Looking for a little rec time? Head down to the Clancy Richard for some public skating.
  • Looking to take a dip in the water? Head down to the aquatic center, rent a tube and dive right in.

By now you probably get my point, so I will just move on! I’ve collected some images off the internet I feel paint a picture of the town for those who have not been here yet! I will be looking to add more in the future and if you have any yourself feel free to send them to me via the get a hold of me page!