Moving from a city to a small town

Moving from a city to a small town

Yes, it is the most technologically advanced age since mankind came into existence and everyone wants to live in a city because people believe that city life is fantastic.

IPhones, Chevrolet sport cars, huge malls and clubbing are normal things that can be associated with daily life in a city and those are the reasons why everyone wants to live there. With that being said, moving from a city to a small town is a ‘NO’ for a lot of people.

Life is good in a city but why would you want to move from a city where you have everything to a small town where you are severely limited? Moving to a new city can be challenging, especially when it’s a small town.

Why Should I Move From A City To A Small town?

moving to a small town

Why is the big question here, why should you leave the comfort and luxuries of the city for a small town? I will try and answer some of those questions.

1. A Healthier Lifestyle Awaits You In A Small Town:

A healthy lifestyle is one of the things a small town has to offer because you do not have to suffer any type of pollution. Small towns are noise free and pollution free due to the lack of big companies and industries that pollute the air and water in the city.

You will have to eat healthier meals in a small town because you won’t really have access to the huge amount of processed food that the city provides. You will learn to control your appetite and eat only the best of fresh food and vegetables.

2. Say Bye To The Overcrowded City Life:

Overcrowding is the most common thing in the city and everyone will agree that overcrowding can be a pain in the neck. In the city there is no available land to have a lot of space to yourself but in small towns you can have a lot of space to yourself and you won’t have to share walls with anyone. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

3. Reduced Crime Rate:

In the city you can’t walk dark corners without the fear of petty thieves or frightening robbers. The crime rate in the city is very high but it is different in small towns. You can have peace and enjoy every second of your time with family and friends.

5. You Learn A lot From A Small Town:

Unlike a city where you have people and services to help you with some chores, a small town can be different because you will have to learn new skills. You will learn to do those things you thought you could not do on your own.

Why Will Leaving A Big City Hurt?

moving to a small town

Everything that has an advantage will almost always have a disadvantage and you may even regret moving from a city to a small town. Trying to adapt to the new lifestyle may initially hurt, and here are some of the negative things you may find.

1. Limited Facilities:

Facilities like clubs, theaters, and a library may not be always available in a small town. If you’re tired of enjoying the calm and peaceful life of a small town you can’t get any real fun.

2. Unbearable Internet Issues:

Some small towns do not have this problem but a lot of small towns do. If you’re addicted to the internet a small town is not the best place for you because the connection can be poor.

3. Not The Most Ideal Place To Get Urgent Attention:

Nature has its way and when it decides to destroy things a small town is the wrong place to be. Mainly because you may not get immediate help. This is bad, but before you get scared just remember that in the city there can be bigger disasters.

Moving From The City To A Small Town Right Now

Now you know what you will miss if you leave the city and you also know what you will gain if you leave. So you have decided now to move to a small town? Or maybe you have decided to stay in the city where you can get all the modern day facilities you crave. What has influenced your decision?