Tips on How To Increase The Value of Your Home

Tips on How To Increase The Value of Your Home

value of your home

The family home is the households biggest asset. It’s normally the case for anyone who does not own a billion dollar company. Increasing the property value is a good investment over time. It also prevents a mortgage short sale.

A high-value property can increase your credit rating and the amount of loan you can get. A well maintained and updated home does not only increase the market value, it makes the house more comfortable to live in.

Here are a few tips on how to increase the market value of your family home.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A clean home is pleasing to the eye. It is also safer and prevents diseases. A clean property appeals to buyers and appraisers. It does a lot to increase the property value.

A well-maintained lawn, a blooming garden, and a shiny floor will help in improving market value. There are plenty of areas in a property that are often neglected and can reduce a properties value. The chimney, HVAC, and rain gutter are a few examples. A clean house does not only make it more appealing to buyers, it improves the health of its occupants.

If your property has a pool, a stable, barn, boathouse, or other outdoor feature that can increase property value. Make sure these are also well-maintained.

Improve Curb Appeal

The top three main factors for the value of a property is its location, the size, and curb appeal. There is not much you can do for the first two without a significant investment.

Curb appeal is something that can be easily fixed. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home when viewed from the street. Properties for sale with a good curb appeal will get more showings and that increases market value.

There are a few things you can do to improve your curb appeal. The first is attractive landscaping. A beautiful front lawn helps in increasing your properties value.

A fence will also help. It does not only increase safety and security, but a pretty fence will also increase curb appeal. The same can be said for outdoor lighting.

A color symmetry will also do the trick. Your favorite pastel colors may work well for you, but buyers and appraisers will not appreciate a neon green house.

Update Appliances

Updated appliance fixtures will do a lot in improving your property value. Newer appliances are more visually appealing and consume less electricity.

Condo units and multi-family homes that have very little exterior should concentrate on this.

Paint it

Newly painted homes look new. Exterior features such as decks, fences, patios, and trellises should be painted at least once every five years. Exterior weather conditions are very harsh on paint. The hot sun and rain will contribute a lot to diminishing the value of the home.

If you have the budget. Flooring and bathroom fixtures will increase your properties value. It will require a significant investment to create a modern bathroom and kitchen. If you have the budget and want to increase the value of the property. The kitchen and bathrooms are the first places to improve. A modernized kitchen and bathroom and an open floor plan will significantly increase property value.